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Marlene Ardis Sylvain Varone passed away June 7, 2021, at her home in Santa Rosa, CA. After graduating from Las Vegas High School, she attended the University of Arizona, graduating in 1958 with honors and a degree in education. During the summer of two of those college years, she worked at Reynolds Electric and Engineering Company, a subcontractor responsible in part for developing and testing atomic bombs at the Nevada Test Site. Because of that job, Marlene was one of the few people to have actually witnessed the detonation of an atomic bomb at the Test Site. Over a period of 15 years in Las Vegas, Marlene taught second grade at Lincoln ES, McCall ES, Robert E. Lake ES, and finally Laura Dearing ES, all in Clark County. While teaching, she earned a Master’s Degree from Nevada Southern University (now UNLV) and a specialist certificate in remedial reading. During this same time, she helped start the Junior Mesquite Club, and was also an active member of the Junior League.